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Birthday Gift (24-02-2015)

I always had a love for photography, I would use a small digital camera or my phone as much as possible but never felt that I could justify buying a DSLR to take my photography further.

“What do you want for your Birthday?!”

I don’t know what I want!

The question everyone dreads when it comes to birthdays and Christmas as it is so hard to think of what you want on the spot and you always feel bad asking for anything expensive.

So it turns out that on my Birthday in February 2015 my parents and girlfriend at the time knew me better than I knew myself!

On the evening before my Birthday we went to my parents for dinner and I was given a present that I was not expecting.

I unwrapped my Canon 100d DSLR and began the journey that brought me to where I am now. I knew very little about the use of Manual DSLR cameras however I was keen to learn!

I took my camera everywhere with me and learnt as much as I could!

Up until February 2015 people would be met with a blank stare when they asked me what my hobbies were.

This Birthday gift was so much more to me than just the physical camera itself.

So I would like to say thank you again to my parents and Laura for the gift that gave me a hobby, filled my spare time, made me realise what I love doing and set me onto the exciting journey that I am currently on!

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