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Basingstoke Canal Centre (24th May 2019)

On the morning of the 24th of may my friend Marc and myself decided that we were going to take our kayaks out onto the canal for a paddle and explore a new area! I headed over to his house and we loaded our kayaks onto the roofs of our cars.

We set of for the Basingstoke Canal Centre in Mytchett near Farnborough. There is a café and a small information centre dedicated entirely to the history of the Basingstoke Canal.

We had a quick look around the centre but before long our boats were off the cars and ready to be loaded into the canal!

We spent a few hours travelling up the canal and exploring old sunken boats before stopping on a little island area for a bite to eat. On the way back to the Canal Centre I somehow managed to fall out of my kayak twice…

But none the less I climbed back in and carried on! Before we knew it we were back at the canal centre. Luckilly I had taken a spare change of clothes. So I dried off and got changed before going back to Marc’s to chill in the hammock.

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